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Mission Statement
Our aim when working with you is to provide a service of the highest quality.  

We strive to achieve the highest quality of paper hanging possible, to treat your job as the most important job we've done, whether it be a restaurant dinning room, a nightclub reception room, hotel foyer or feature wall in your own private home. 

Punctual, courteous, respectful and meticulously clean are the words we state our reputation on, and all at a fair price.
We offer a measure and design service.  Just send us your wall dimensions and we can advise on the amount of wallpaper you require for your project or simply give me a call.

Working in conjunction with some of Melbourne's award winning
interior designers, architacts, builders and wallpaper distibuters, we have acheived some truely stunning results for our customers.

My name is Andy Pierre and I am a Painter and Decorater with 25 years experiance.
Serving my apprenticeship with London's top Painting and Decorating firms, Ashby and Horner, I received my advanced City and Guildes certificate.  Staying with the firm for a further five years my learning was extensive and allowed me the opportunity to work in some of London's finist establishments, from private homes to Kensington Palace, major London Banks and The Savoy Hotel.

During this time I advanced to hanging all types of wallpaper from wood chips to flocks, foils, silks and grasses on all types of surfaces from straight hallways to sweeping curved walls, even ceilings.
Why do we decorate a room, an open area or even a single wall?

It creates feelings, from warm and fuzzy with pastels to neutral steely greys.  It can tap into our emotions, it can enliven the spirit bringing a smile to our faces, it can calm us or even initiate the passions within.

It is a display of our personality.
One of my favourite types of wallpapers the mural, brings the outside world in.  From city scapes to the tranquality of nature.
Through my experience I have found the most important part of my job is the preparation and use of top quality equiptment.  If the foundation is prepared correctly the final appearance of the job will reflect the professionalism and care taken.
Thank you for taking the time to read through my website and I look forward to dealing with you in your future decorating projects.

Have a great day,

Thanks, Andy
Contact Andy on mobile 0425 826 961 or email me at andy@andypierre.com.au